Magisto Apk App Review

Hey hows it going? Jeff Klugiewicz here,today i am going to give you a little insight on an App called “Magisto”so we’re going to do is click on the app Magisto open it up, first thing you will notice is you either need to join or login since I’m already a member I go to login it’s very easy you can login with Facebook, Google,or email I chose Facebook so I’m going to click that.It will redirect bounce me back.

Apk Mirror

Magisto Simple Steps

Easy as that, from this point you can decide if you wanna shoot some video too add in here some pictures and since I’ve already have some stuff set up i am going to select footage Go to my Camera a couple of videos here in apk mirror. Some pictures,I’m set, so hit next after I selected the photos and videos I want.So once you do that its gonna bring you to a page called “Editing Style”,from here you can figure out what kind of feel you want, you can get a little bit of an example by clicking play as you can see it showed me a little preview of what you expected your footage to look like put together. I m going to go with”News”.

Sound Like

I’m going to select that from there I’m going to select my song. So I’m going to listen what this sounds like…A little to much for me.I think that one will work,so once you to that point you’ll see that you have all your stuff laid out for you.You have your videos, I selected 3 videos and 5 photos, the theme I selected was “News”, and the soundtrack I selected was ninth floor, you also want to click here and add a title. I’m going to go with “New Website” because the clips I have are all of a new website.

Long Video

Done.and then there’s this point: this is what they with the footage in the stuff you give them they will approximate how long your videos gonna be, you can put more, you can put can select for “Instagram”, they’ll give you the 15 seconds that your allotted. I’m gonna show Magisto you right here in if I wanna,say I wanted a minute long video, I drag it to a minute I don’t have enough video files to go over that distance,so there going ask me to add more videos, I don’t want to so I’m going to go to cancel and im going to go with the 35sec they allotted me.I go over everything everything, is everything right.Yep, and i m going to hit”make my movie”then it goes in and it creates my movie,

What Is Black Box Insurance ?

Black box insurance is a type of insurance specifically aimed at young and new drivers who have recently passed their test.

Affordable Car Insurance

It is a way for young drivers to get affordable car insurance, in return for having a small,discreet box fitted to your car.It measures how well you’re driving by recording your braking, speeding, acceleration and how you go around corners. It also keeps track of the number of miles you’re driving and notes the time, location and type of road you’re on all of which is used to work out your driving score and let you know how well you’re doing via your online portal.The better you’re driving score, the greater the chance to earn a cheaper price at renewal but drive badly, break the rules and drive too fast, and you might get warned, fined or even have your policy cancelled (so make
sure you’re driving safely and carefully.The aim of the black box is simple to help young people get cheaper insurance, and help create better, more responsible drivers.

Black Box Insurance

Black Box Insurance Policy

Things To Consider And Look Out For In a Black Box Insurance Policy? There are a number of young driver black box insurance policies out there, all of which work slightly differently from one another,
with different rules, and different rewards.When choosing which policy is best for you,
here’s a few things to consider

  • How much can you save with a black box
    policy verses standard car insurance?
  • What are the rules on your policy and what
    are the penalties for breaking them?
  • How soon do you need to get your box fitted,
    and what happens in the meantime?
  • Does your policy have any mileage restrictions
    and can you increase them if you want to drive more?
  • Does your policy have any curfews, and night time restrictions?
  • How do you find out how well you’ve been driving, and get feedback on your driving
  • Is there an easy to use, online portal you can access?
  • If your car is stolen, can your black box help to the police to recover your vehicle?

Young Driver Insurance Team

If you’re involved in an accident, will it be able to help you prove what happened,and show it wasn’t your fault?So if you’re interested in a black box insurance policy or want to find out more, get in touch with our specialist Young Driver Insurance Team and see how you could benefit.Think Insurance Specialists in Young Driver
& Black Box Insurance